We are a boutique, full-service blockchain apparel provider for the fashion-conscious web 3 brand. We offer bespoke branding opportunities fromthe ground up, through intentional partnership and attention to creating quality over quantity.
1 - Take 5 minutes and complete our Drop Request [FORM]
2 - We will review the form and contact you. If we can add value to your vision, we will work with your team regarding all drop details (drop size, timing, garment, etc).
3 - We do all the product development, production, and fulfillment for the drop to ensure your community has the best possible experience
[Why not print on demand?] Drop shipping and print on demand solutions often offer less customization options and lower quality consistent with today’s fast fashion and mass production. We are completely counter-culture to this movement, and take it a step further. By securing apparel to the blockchain through 1-of-1 pairing, we add a layer of security, sustainability, proof-of-ownership and authenticity consistent with our desire to provide maximum value to our partners and their communities.